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You've made it to the Promised Land of photo booth backdrops, my dear friend. Wait, don't scroll, calm down. We know that The FlashBar Signature Backdrop Collection is a big droppin' deal and that this page is often confused with a Pinterest Board, it's so inspiring. 

Each one of our backdrops is carefully chosen for both overall presentation and for how they photograph. We're about as serious as an Olympic diving judge about this. 

These drops have been event tested and client-approved. Many'a drop have been booted from the line up for just not getting it right. The drops listed here, photo booth fans, are rebels. They're so #boss, they're often mistaken for real walls. Yes, real walls.

Your photo booth simply isn't complete without a compelling drop that helps tell the story of your event. With a spread of sometimes 10 feet by 8 feet, we make statements and we don't hide in corners with wrinkles.

Drop it like it's hot... Enjoy.

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A show stopper and party starter. Bustling of shiny and matte sequins that makes one heck of a statement for your metallic inspired design. 


A backdrop that seriously brings the party and can also work at a birthday on a Thursday or a New Year's Eve party on a Saturday.


Pairs harmoniously with subtle, neutral colors or for a blast of sparkle in a dark and moody jewel-toned setting. White Sequins bounces light for a flattering portrait.



Stop guests in their tracks as they wonder how you did it. An ironically soft touch that's easy on the eyes and elegantly timeless. 


We see you. Appreciating all the options, but you simply can't resist the freedom and flexibility a white drop provides. It's the definition of modern and squeaky clean.


Perhaps sparkles are too much bling and white just isn't enough? Our Light Gray gives a soft flat look to your photos (read: hipster), while our lighting keeps subjects dynamic. Gray is always in.



Party planning got you feeling a little 3-ring circus, eh? You're in good company with this snappy red and white stripe drop that's perfect for candids of your crew, backyard BBQ, or celebrating this great land of ours. 


Well, hello there Magic City. Get up close and personal with Birmingham's most iconic and "so-'ham" spots. 


This geometric wonder is sharp. It's super flexible and can be toned down for a lush Boho wedding or amped up for NYE, private birthday celebration, or a black tie cocktail hour. 



That splash of blue watercolor, the movement of the shades makes waves, and the story it tells showcased at your event is all so perfect. Swoon. If Waverly Blues is 'the one', you know it by now. 


OK, I'm just gonna say it - Miami Vice or The Golden Girls. This nostalgic drop reminds us of the charming beach rental that unapologetically holds true to its vintage roots. 


You remember. Yep, you do. This laser beam option was the upgrade to the plain gray or brown school portrait background. You were livin' large, mullet down, Lunchable in tow, and that turtleneck... on point. 



Ain't no party like a Gatsby party. This decadent drop is the black tie for your Gatsby shindig or jazzy birthday bash for Daisy. 


There's no red carpet, but you'd think there was more than one camera flashing at you with this number. A great addition for events we sponsor or if you think it's just way cool. Well, we do, too.

  BLUEBERRY SEQUINS -   Coming Soon   Willy Wonka has nothing on our version of Violet's unfortunate reaction to that crazy gum. The perfect pairing to Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year: Ultraviolet. Imagine a wall of berry sequins... this is juicy.


Willy Wonka has nothing on our version of Violet's unfortunate reaction to that crazy gum. The perfect pairing to Pantone's 2018 Color of the Year: Ultraviolet. Imagine a wall of berry sequins... this is juicy.




No sap about it, this pine cone pattern is what JoJo would totally have at her modern farm house Christmas party. When you're the go-to party planner, you can't have just any 'ole red and green holiday backdrop. You're an HGTV fan and you're not shiplappin' around. 


Mmm hmm, this is art folks. The first day back at work from Thanksgiving and you're on the holiday party committee... Ugly Sweater Party it is. When you just want photos of your award winning sweater design and appreciate a good theme - you rock this drop. 

On Location

Gushing over our backdrops, but can't help but notice the amazing space we're in? Guess no more; this bright, light, and airy space is none other than BridgeStreet Gallery and Loft in downtown Birmingham, Alabama operated by our friends at GoProEvents

Need Backdrop Inspiration?

Where are my Pinners at?

Hey, ohhh!! There you are. The depth of Pinterest is positively amazing and we've pinned a few backdrop ideas and other things we love over there. If you ever want to geek out over flower walls, half-inch large sequins or metallics, give us a shout.

P.S. - This Pinterest board is my favorite for backdrop inspiration.


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