Saying 'I Do' Photo Booth Style

we recommend you ask these critical questions before you sign on the dotted line.

What will I owe including taxes and fees? 

A $150 all-inclusive photo booth looks incredible and a steal of a deal on Groupon, until you realize that's for locations within a 5 mile radius of their office, 1 hour rental, no prints, and fees for the items you'd expect to be included. We receive a lot of inquires from eager brides and grooms looking for deals for their big day. We can't blame them.

Don't mistake us, we love a good coupon, or a free appetizer, or an upgraded hotel room. We just want you to understand that not all photo booth companies are made the same.

Ask for an itemized list of what you're getting. Too often couples will find out later after buying the Groupon that there are limitations to such a great deal.

This vendor relationship should be open, creative, and natural. You should be able to talk openly with your photo booth company about your ideas, your inspiration, and how a photo booth fits into your big day. Together, The FlashBar and our clients dream up custom props, backdrops, and ultimate photo booth solutions for not only a memorable experience, but a tasteful one.

You absolutely receive what you are willing to pay for.

Do you have liability insurance?

We know, it's a photo booth, what could possibly happen? Nothing that you just visualized is going to happen, but the reality is most wedding venues require that outside services have secured proper liability insurance.

This question will also separate the fly-by-night companies from the serious ones. This is our only business, we live and breathe The FlashBar and are fully insured. We can provide policy information to you, planners, venues, and anyone requesting a copy. 

A photo booth rental company that isn't insured should send a loud and clear message about how they conduct business.

Will the style of your photo booth fit in at my event?

This is your big day, one of the most important days of your life, and everything needs to be perfect. What we think you're truly asking is - "are you going to make my beautiful reception look tacky with a beat up black box apparatus and cheap dollar store props?"

That's a fair question that we love. This is one of the primary reasons The FlashBar, both booth and brand, was designed the way we did. We knew there had to be a better - quite frankly, less tacky - way to enjoy a photo booth in Birmingham.

Let's just say there's a photo booth and photo booth company for everyone. We are not for everyone. 

We do a lot of research on the products we carry. Our booths are elegant, classy professionally constructed, and built with on award-winning software platforms that allow for complete customization. Whether we're working with a monogram or a set of particular colors and fonts, your booth can look like it was designed for your event. Snazzy, eh?

And as for props - we curate your props one-by-one so that they're a reflection of your tastes and preferences to best suit your celebrations aesthetic. If you want wigs, you got it. If you want classic black tie, we can do that. If you want to go prop-less, you got it.

Some props we simply can't source, so we'll create them in our Birmingham, AL studio based on your preferences, colors, and special requests. 

In so many words, WE DO THIS THANG!

So, ask your company about the quality of their booth and how often they rotate and clean their props from event-to-event. Will they curate a set of props just for YOU?

What about the quality of the photo booth prints?

It may seem simple, but there is actually a lot that goes into capturing a high-quality, high-resolution photo at The FlashBar. Ask the company to see examples of past photos. Do they appear dark or is the camera flashing?

Our photo booth uses an Alien Bees B400 (for those that geek out to this stuff) studio spectrum lighting, just like the lighting used at a professional photo shoot. 

This professional lighting ensures that the photos are bright, crisp yet soft in edges, and rich in color. This also means that we do not use the built-in on-camera flash from the factory. You know the one that creates dark spots, ghost images, and RED EYES.

As for the prints and our printer, we use a DNP dye- sublimation printer that prints beautiful black and white and color photos in about 8.3 seconds. Supa fast! What this really means is we use the same printer that the one-hour photo guys use and you can expect the best.

What's important to you? Ask that!

Ask these crucial questions and when you hear or read iPhone camera, shower curtains on PVC pipe, or duct tape and cardboard on your Groupon small print - walk away slowly. It's simply not worth it unless of course, that's what you're searching for.

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