Three Reasons Why Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Dashingly handsome, where vintage marries modern, and luxe in every way.

We're The FlashBar.

#1 It's Electric!

I think we can all agree that there's something in the air that sparks the momentum of a celebration.

The FlashBar is the first stop for most of your guests and continues to be a hotspot all night long.

There's something contagiously electric about that first photo that lights up a party. The countdown begins, the photo snaps, the flash pops, and your guests burst into laughter when they see the result of that oh so flattering light for the ultimate glamour shot glow.

They sort of impressed themselves and now they've got the The FlashBar bug.

It doesn't take long for guests to form a line that lasts the entire night. There's energy on this side of the dance floor, laughter and hilarity ensues with each pop of the flash, and the whole candid experience is simply contagious. 

Grandma gets a little wild with the ruby red lips and Uncle Marty can't get enough selfies of his good side - but insists on just one more. You go, Marty, you go.

Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, nor try the mystery salad, but we assure you everyone will take a swing in The FlashBar - and get back in line to do it again. 

Additionally, The FlashBar keeps your guests entertained between the ceremony and the reception while waiting [and likely bored and hungry] for the wedding party to make their entrance. We'll take care of them while they eagerly await your arrival... and for cake. 

#2 Custom [sparkly] Props and Stuff.

What in the whhaa? Yes!

You've worked tirelessly coordinating your vision for what your celebratory dream space will look like. You've considered how your guests will feel when they walk in and how they'll experience and remember your big day. All of your wedding partners helping you facilitate your celebration work together for a seamless experience. Sometimes it's so good, it's often hard to tell where one vendor ends and the other begins. 

We are industry experts that understand that your photo booth should be a seamless part of your event, not a last minute eye-sore in the corner. In a way, we make sure your proverbial shoes (us) match your handbag (celebration). 

We hand design, curate, and source each individual prop for your event in our Birmingham, AL studio based on our client's preferences, personality, and unique requests.

You prefer bowtie cutouts on a white stick in a light blue sparkle - you got it.

What about a purple zebra unicorn or a giant mylar candy cane - we can do that, too.

When we refer to design, we truly mean visually appealing and tastefully captured.

#3 Instant Share-worthy Candids

Oh, the FOMO gets real when your big day candids are flying all around the social webs as you bring down the house. But really, what's the point of all of this posing if you can't get your hands on those glamour shots. 

Both FlashBar Print and Digital packages make it easy. The FlashBar magically prints photos in seconds and allows guests to quickly, and easily, share their digital photos directly from the booth or opt for an automatic upload to 'the Book'.

Looking for the perfect 4x6 framer shot to put on the fireplace mantle or at the office? The FlashBar saves each photo taken as an individual file.  After your celebration, we'll compile your photos and jet them off to you for some serious instant gratification. You'll also have an adorable layout of the series of photos you took with your besties, your love, and Marty.

You'll now have something to do on your layover to your beautiful honeymoon destination and plan all the ways you can use your photos - even this year's holiday cards.

Bonus: Choose Vendors That 'Get It' [and you].

You certainly have options for your perfect photo booth. Truthfully there's a wide-ranging definition of what 'good photo booth' means in Birmingham. We suggest making a short list of emotions you want your guests to feel when they experience your event, with your photo booth, and the days, weeks, and years after. 

Does your photo booth's brand and personality match yours? Would you say yes to just any dress or any wine? If you're choosy and wouldn't pick just anything, we may be your photo booth.

You'll more clearly know which company makes the most sense and best fit for your celebration. Even we know, The FlashBar's energy, personality, and packages aren't for everyone. We also enjoy playing match maker and can refer you to our friends in the area.

Additionally, in your research of photo booth companies and other wedding vendors, start with their website aesthetic. Your wedding is symbolic, perhaps based in tradition, and moreover remembered by this dreamy vision coming to life to visually commemorate your commitment to one another.  

You want a cohesive flow and as much attention given to your photo booth that's given to your attire, venue location, food and beverage, and other design elements. 

Considering vendors based on their attention to detail and how they maintain their digital storefront is a telling sign for how they'll show up in person. This includes their website, social media profiles, and vendor profiles on websites like The Knot, Wedding Wire, Borrowed & Blue, Wedding Blast, Find a Photo Booth, and Party Blast.

We'll save the date...

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