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Event Policies

These policies relate to any services provided by Bradley Alan Creative LLC d/b/a The FlashBar Photo Co., ("FlashBar"). These policies further outline the obligations of Client under any Photo Booth Event Agreement. These policies are made a part of any relevant Photo Booth Event Agreement between FlashBar and Client.

Client agrees as follows:

1.1. Timeline of Events. Client must provide FlashBar with a timeline for the event no fewer than two (2) business days before the event date. Client must provide FlashBar notice of any subsequent changes to the timeline.

1.2. Event Venue Restrictions. Client must inform FlashBar of any restrictions at the event venue. Client acknowledges that FlashBar may be limited by rules and restrictions of the event venue. Any negotiation with respect to modifying the venue is the responsibility of Client.

1.3. Print Graphics. Client shall provide FlashBar with all custom graphics for all digital or print products no less that twenty (20) days prior to the event date. FlashBar makes no guarantee it will be able to incorporate any custom graphics if provided with short notice.

1.4. Meals. Client shall provide each member of FlashBar’s staff working the event with one meal on the day of the event if Services last four (4) hours or more.

1.5. Damage to Equipment. Client is responsible for any damage or loss to FlashBar’s equipment caused by Client or Client’s guests and any theft or damage of FlashBar’s equipment during the event, before the event during setup, or after the event during teardown.

1.5.1. Threats to Event Staff. Client and Client’s guests shall treat FlashBar event staff with respect and shall not abuse, threaten, or otherwise damage FlashBar staff or equipment.

1.6. Parking. Client shall provide FlashBar parking for at least two vehicles. Parking shall be a reasonable and safe distance from the event venue. Client shall provide FlashBar with load in and load out procedures that describe how FlashBar is to insert and remove any equipment at least seven (7) days prior to the event date.

1.7. Wi-Fi Access. Client shall provide FlashBar with a stable internet connection of at least 15 mbps. FlashBar assumes no responsibility for insufficient bandwidth for social media, email, or text features. Client shall provide FlashBar with any applicable wi-fi logins on the day of the event.

1.7.1. Hotspot. FlashBar may supply a secure hotspot for an additional fee. Client is responsible for providing notice to FlashBar at least thirty (30) days in advance of any event of the need for such a hotspot. FlashBar makes no guarantee it will be able to supply a secure hotspot if provided with short notice.

2. Photo Booth Space. Client shall arrange for an appropriate 10’ wide x 10’ deep x (at least) 9’ high space for the photo booth equipment. This area should be a solid, flat, non-sloped floor for the entire area. This area shall not block any ingress or egress of the venue (that area, the “Photo Booth Space”).

2.1. Access. Client shall be responsible for securing sufficient access to the event venue. If any equipment will not fit in the venue, FlashBar will make every attempt to place the photo booth in an alternate location and/or forgo the pre-selected backdrop.

2.1.1. Elevator or Ramps. Client must provide ramped access or elevator access for the photo booth during the loading and unloading process to any area that would otherwise be accessed by stairs.

2.1.2. Tables. Client shall provide two (2) highboy/cocktail tables or one (1) six foot table, along with linens, for FlashBar to use at the Photo Booth Space.

2.2. Outside Space. If Client elects to place the Photo Booth Space outdoors, Client is responsible for securing the following:

2.2.1. Dry Surface Area. Client shall provide a 10’ x 10’ area for the Photo Booth Space that will remain dry for the duration of the event.

2.2.2. Paved Surface Area. Client shall provide a paved surface for the Photo Booth Space. Under no circumstances may the photo booth be placed on dirt, rocks, gravel, etc.

2.2.3. Protection from the Elements. Client shall provide protection from the elements under a completely covered and secured tent with at least three (3) full walls that is climate controlled.

2.3. Props. Client shall provide thirty (30) days’ notice of any custom prop requests outside the scope of FlashBar’s standard set of props. No guarantee is made that any prop request will be met or will match Client’s exact specifications. At minimum, FlashBar will supply a small, standard set of props.

2.3.1. Client supplied and provided props are not allowed without prior written approval by The FlashBar.

2.4. Electrical. Client shall provide a standard three-prong, 120-volt, 10-amprere outlet and from a reliable power source within ten (10) feet of the Photo Booth Space.

2.4.1. No Share of Power Source. The power source provided to FlashBar shall be free of all other connected loads (i.e. not shared with a DJ or other vendor). FlashBar is not responsible for any delay or failure in performance of the photo booth due to improper or insufficient power supply.

2.4.2. Generator. FlashBar will not provide a generator in the event a reliable power source cannot be obtained by Client.

2.5. Crowd Control. Client shall provide adequate crowd control personnel at the photo booth or photo experience for the duration of the event.

2.6. Non-Smoking Environment. Client shall provide an environment free of all smoking and second-hand smoke.

3. Operation. In the event that Provider is unable to supply a working photo booth for at least 50% of the Service Period, Client shall be refunded a prorated amount based on the amount of Services received, calculated based upon the total invoiced cost and the amount of time in excess of 50% of the Service Period for which the photo services were not operational. 

FlashBar reserves the right to update or amend these policies unilaterally at any time.