The FlashBar Photo Co.
FlashBar Photo Booth Photography Birmingham Alabama


they call me b.





you’re going to love hanging with us.

I’m Brad, the Creative Director behind The FlashBar Photo Co. And because I know you’re wondering…

Yes, it’s a really cool job.
No, we are not a franchise.
Yes, we’re local to Birmingham, Alabama.

The FlashBar Photo Co. was built on high vibe beliefs and laser focused goals.

Our small team spends time honing our craft in experiential photography, spending our time experimenting with lighting, photography concepts, and the limitless potential of graphic design. That obsession to make your time with us amazing shows in a very contagious and magnetic way.

We have a good time here and you should say hey.

The FlashBar Creative Manifesto

A creative engine

We are creative beings and the process of building, thinking, artistically crafting the things we do is intrinsically unique to The FlashBar. Sure, outside inspiration fuels us and motivates us to draw wildly beyond our safe zones, but our creative will always bring us back to what brought us here. We honor that space and rise with the swell.

Authenticity > Originality

Are you for real, the real deal? We’ve found that if you have to ask, if you question someone’s authenticity, you generally don’t need an answer from them. Our intuition guides us in business and in our human-to-human interactions. It’s simple. We keep it real - our work feels fresh - and real people with real goals, ambitions, and intentions find us. We click. Harmonious.

Experimentation Fosters Progression

Grab a camera, a tutorial on YouTube, a few lights and create something - do something you’re unsure of. This gazelle effort is how we leap over barriers to entry. The act of creating can feel like a pressure cooker or vacuum environment - comfortability. One client sees what another client facilitated and they want the same. The idea cannibalizes and we’re all in a rut. We constantly foster progression by playing and experimenting to find edgy solutions to your questions and goals.

Confidence of Bravery

Do it when you’re most afraid and you’ll be victorious beyond your wildest vision board - trust. Do it when you’re broke. Do it when your circle of influence hesitates. Do it when you’re feeling like a million bucks. When the Universe sends you the vibrations - it feels different. You light up, you shimmy, you flirt with visions of what could be, and you go for it like your whole existence depends on it.