How does it work?

You will begin by standing in between the backdrop and The FlashBar's sleek tower - yes, all up in the open air. You can use our custom hand-created props or just be you. Using the interactive touch screen, you'll start your FlashBar session. The touch screen will count down before each photo is taken with the accompanying DSLR camera. Your photos will be available to you in seconds to print on our dye-sub printer (the big boy kind) and share on all of your favorite social channels.

Does The FlashBar support social sharing?

YES! The FlashBar is designed as a sharing machine - we just need to decide how and when your photos are shared. Additionally, the Social Sharing Station upgrade comes in really handy for guests that want to share their photos to their email or text it to a friend.

How many people can fit in the booth?

You can fit a pretty large number of people 'in' The FlashBar, but 5-8 fit comfortably. Depending on how close you are with your fellow party goers, you can likely pile up to 20 in the shot.

The real question is how many photos will it take to get it just right? 

Does The FlashBar provide props?

We do! We will always bring our Standard set of traditional mustaches, lips, glasses, and other popular pieces. I can also customize the props to match the aesthetic or theme of your event – awesome, we know! We like to think the hand designed and assembled props are downright pure amazing and guests are always wowed by this attention to detail at your event.

How do I reserve The FlashBar?

You can reserve your date by completing this form. Submitting the form initiates a quote for your event, but does not necessarily hold or reserve your date. However, a non-refundable retainer fee or payment in full will hold your date(s). Your retainer fee will be applied to the total cost of reserving The FlashBar.

How long is needed for booth set up?

We will need no less than 1.5 hours to unload and set up. We also prefer to set up well in advance of your event, even if we're not starting when you're event starts. We want to be ready to party hardy when you're ready to party hardy, ya dig?

How much space is needed for The FlashBar?

All we need is a 10’x10’ square area within 20’ of a three-pronged outlet. Most often we'll use just under the 10x10, but we like to start there. Our open air photo booth concept becomes a little less open air if we shrink the square too much. The backdrop needs a ceiling clearance of 10 feet. Our backdrop is not 10 feet tall, but we account for sprinkler heads, light fixtures, and other ceiling elements. 

Can I use The FlashBar outdoors?

Short answer: Yes.

Long technical answer: The FlashBar can certainly be used outdoors, but due to the irregularity of the elements, including even slightest wind, it is not always recommended. We're also in the South where a brief rain shower can pop up unexpectedly, so we ask that all outdoor events be covered with a large, secure tent, pavilion, or other secure roof/covering and at least 3 covered sides. Secondly, most of our events are in the evening past dusk. The FlashBar in idle mode, aside from flashing for photos, is lit up like a Christmas tree and bugs love light - lots of light loving bugs. You now have a visual of The FlashBar and backdrop covered in light-hungry bugs that also activate our touch screen by flying into it. It's a real thing that we surely hope you'll consider. We know... gross.

Summary: We need to be inside, or an awesomely climate controlled environment outside, for the best experience. If you must have a photo booth outside and cannot accommodate a climate controlled environment, we'd be happy to refer you to our photo booth friends in the Birmingham area for service.

What if I want additional hours of The FlashBar?

Sure! Each additional hour is $150 beyond your 3 or 4 hour package selection. When completing your reservation request, share a bit about how many hours you're expecting to have The FlashBar at your event.