How do I reserve The FlashBar?

You can reserve your date by completing the form on this page. Submitting the form initiates a quote for your event and we'll pencil you in for two weeks while you think things over. After two weeks and without a confirmation (deposit and a signed agreement) from you, we'll release your date back to our waitlist.

To secure your date, simply move through the simple steps in your FlashBar Hub and you're set! Easy, breezy, cover girl.

How does it work?

You will begin by standing in between the backdrop and The FlashBar's sleek tower - yes, all up in the open air. Just like you would in a photo shoot, pose with or without props and ham it up. The touch screen will count down before each photo is taken with our FlashBar cam. Your photos will be available to you instantly to print and share on all of your favorite social channels. It's the wave of the future...

How do I share my photos at the event?

Guests select to text, email, and/or print their photos.

How many people can fit in the 'booth'?

You can fit a pretty large number of people 'in' The FlashBar, but 5-8 fit comfortably. Depending on how close you are with your fellow party goers, it's very possible to fit up to 20-30 people in a shot.

The real question is how many photos will it take to get it just right? 

Does The FlashBar provide props?

We do! There's a good chance you're interested in The FlashBar because you've heard or seen our popular approach to prop styling. We ask you what you want, or if you want props at all. In fact, some of our best photo booths have been propless and you'd be pleasantly surprised how awesome a booth like this can be. #ThePeopleAreTheProps

If you do choose to keep our props in your final reservation, we'll create and source a set that fit cohesively with your vibes. It's the detail that everyone notices and the wow factor for a memorable event. 

How long is needed for booth set up?

Depending on a variety of variables, between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to unload and be fully set up.

How much space is needed for The FlashBar?

All we need is a 10’x10’ square area within 10-20 feet of a three-pronged outlet. Most often we'll use just under the 10x10, but we like to start there for breathing room. 

Can I use The FlashBar outdoors?

Yes, but let’s chat through which booth and set design makes the most sense for you.

What if I need more than 3 hours?

No prob! Each additional hour is $300 beyond your reserved time frame. When completing your reservation request, share a bit about how many hours you're expecting to have The FlashBar at your event.